Long time friends and jamming buddies, the talented, charming and intelligent members of Lead Pipe Cinch, Ken Allen and Jennifer Ives, have recently decided to take it up a notch.

A harmonious and energetic blend of blues, folk, celtic, country and everything in between, Lead Pipe Cinch has a repertoire of original material,  sprinkled with some of their favourite cover tunes from EmmyLou to Earle, Hiatt to Hank.


This live-stream of our OpenFolk feature set sounds a bit fuzzy on my computer but may look and sound great on your machine. (That is if I can figure out how to overcome the "internal error" message I receive and actually make it available here.
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Ken Allen draws his inspiration from a wide variety of musical styles, Celtic, Blues, Mountain/ Old time country music, folk and rock to name a few. Ken leans heavily on a groove oriented style in his performing and writing, with a love for the driving beat. He can be found playing at festivals as half of the duo Backroads and as a solo performer. Ken has recently released his debut cd "Glade Creek ". Have a listen!


Jennifer Ives is a self-proclaimed "heartbreaker, mover and a shaker", a shy, retiring kind a girl, who broke her baby teeth listening to the Vienna Boys’ Choir and Dixieland jazz, cut her first molars on Elvis, and her wisdom teeth listening to the Who, Hendrix and Joni Mitchell.  Born the eldest into a family of musicians, Jives is blessed with copious talent, and the nerve  to use it!


Have a listen (after I figure out the technique to make the links below actually work) to a few tracks recorded live from the Red Couch (that's in my living room) with the encouragement and technical expertise of Sean McGaughey - the original cyberfolkie!

midnight train -lyric & arrangement by Ken Allen

carney blues -lyric & arrangement by Jennifer Ives

waterside-lyric & arrangment by Ken Allen

To quote Don Beaulieu,(without whom there would be no music community in Simcoe County) who attended the LPC gig at Horseshoe Valley...

"Lead Pipe Cinch proved to be a perfect acoustic balance of guitars and voices. Although performers Ken Allen and Jennifer Ives (alias Jives) may have missed some of the nuances available with a sound reinforcement system in place, the audience was certainly not aware of any deprivation. The freedom allowed by not being "stuck" to a microphone added to the duo's natural, relaxed stage manner. Ken was excited to have hot-off-the-press copies of his album Glade Creek with him.

Jennifer's rhythm guitar kept the back-beat going while Ken displayed impressive licks and counterpoints on guitar, harmonica and mandolin. Ken has the ability to command a screaming blues line from his instrument or provide the most delicate backdrop to his more romantic songs. Queen of harmonies, Jives can "pretty up" a vocal line or take total control and take the lead with confidence. ...This is a talented, creative duo who has come a long way and no doubt, anyone listening looks forward to them continuing much further."

Although only a "cinch" for a short time, appearances at the Orillia Opera House, Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival, Bobcaygeon Wine and Food Festival, Orillia Folk Society's FridayFolk, Groundswell Coffeehouse, Celebrate Water Festival, Live From the Rock Folk and Blues Festival, Lawnchair Luminata and other events, have given Ken and Jennifer the opportunity to share the earthy/bluesy roots they enjoy. Watch for your opportunity to see this entertaining duo in action.